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Audio Systems Projects in Religious Temples

When is it necessary to have a temple-distributed sound system? What is the impact of acoustics and church dimensions on sound quality? Often the audio system is oversized or undersized. In both cases, resources are wasted, as the necessary condition for the transmission of the word is not met.
Indicating audio systems is not just about choosing a powerful speaker or a sophisticated control console. The correct specification involves engineering studies, relating equipment performance to temple geometry and audience distribution.
The distribution and positioning of the loudspeakers and the interactivity with the environment directly influence intelligibility, that is, the adequate and satisfactory understanding of the spoken word. Everyone needs to hear with minimal difference in sound pressure level.
It is necessary to understand these questions in order to make coherent adjustments to church systems. If you are a musician, audio technician, work with musical equipment, deal with environments where amplified sound is needed or simply like audio and technology, you will surely like our themes.

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Audio for Architects

Architecture prepared for audio systems. Have you seen the speaker options that exist? It is essential to know yourself to promote harmony between these boxes and the interior architecture. In addition, the shape of the environment can impair or promote the quality of the sound emitted.

Differentiated professionals know how to recognize customer demands in terms of audio system. And, through conscientious design solutions, it reduces the cost of audio systems, as space and infrastructure optimize the necessary investments.

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Basic Audio: Module 1

Audio is more than intuition. It's engineering. In order to have control and mastery of audio systems, it is necessary to know the fundamental concepts in a clear, technical and objective way. Issues such as sound waves and frequencies, such as microphones, the construction and operation of speakers, coverage angle and defectiveness, among other issues.

Áudio Misturar Pult

Basic Audio: Module 2

It is not enough to put “powerful speakers”. Do you know what precautions should be taken to avoid making primary mistakes? For that, you need to understand:

– Acoustic parameters such as intelligibility and clarity;
– Acoustic phenomena such as flutter, echo, delay, echo;
– Analog and Digital Systems;

- AND  a lot more!

In this course, you will create a solid foundation for the last step: Knowing the parameters of design, equalization and alignment of systems.

Image by Dominik Kempf


Arch Mila Liberato

Arch Camila Araújo

Fábio Freitas

“Extremely competent staff, high quality theoretical and practical knowledge.”

​"Very timely course to raise the bar within the architectural design area."

"Didactic and dynamic approach, fully meeting the content and significantly adding to the professional's knowledge and multidisciplinarity."

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