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Take knowledge to your company or customers!  Each course has a workload of 4 hours and can be taught anywhere in the country. To apply for the course, there are 3 options:

·  Option  1: Choose your course, gather 4 interested people, send an email to  with the subject "Course for group" and schedule a class;

·  Option 2: Choose your course, send an email to  with the subject "Waiting list"  and include your name on the waiting list, if the class is formed you will be immediately summoned;

·  Option 3: For In Company courses or for events, choose the course, send an email to  with the subject "In Company Course" or "Event Course"  and request a proposal.

On demand and in company

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Arch Pablo Barreto

"The course was very enriching. A great opportunity for updating and networking. I recommend it!"

"Congratulations, Audium, for excellence and transparency!


"Amazing course! I learned a lot more than I expected. Fantastic!"

Tech Rosan Luis

Arch Gabriela Peixoto

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